Four Reasons to become a VIP customer,
It's free and easy!

1. First time customers receive a special deal.

When you sign up as a VIP, we'll give you free cleaning on the first two garments. Pickup a form at the front desk to fill out immediately or bring back later.

2. 24 Hour Drop Box.

With access to the 24 hour drop box we work on your schedule. Clothing deposited in the drop box are given top priority, as we understand there's a reason you're using it.

3. Payment Flexibility.

You will have the option of paying at point-of-sale or by monthly charge. You can also have a monthly statement automatically sent to your residence.

4. Special Offers.

We frequently send customers on our email list special and seasonal offers. These deals aren't offered anywhere else so don't miss out!

Download VIP_Signup.pdf